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Uniform Store Info


Written by: League Administrator
Monday, April 30, 2018

CESC Families,

Please read the following info about Uniforms carefully:

1. The store will remain open through 6-26-2018. After that date, anything ordered will have an additional $45 dollar late fee attached to the total price. PLEASE ORDER ON TIME.

2. PLEASE USE THE AGE YOUR CHILD WILL BE ON OR BEFORE 7-31-2018 when selecting their age group. When selecting your child's age group, you will see choices from U8-U14. The "U" stands for "under." So a U8 would be a 7 year old; U12 would be an 11 year old etc. This is how your child's uniform will be sorted so please make sure it accurate reflects their playing group as described above.

3. A uniform shirt, a pair of shorts and one pair of socks is REQUIRED for the season. EVERYONE must purchase these items to play in games this fall. You may want to consider buying an extra pair of socks as these seem to get easily lost and players must have the correct socks for games.

There are additional items on there to purchase but those are optional. Those items are: warm-up jacket (maroon); warm-up pants (black) and a backpack (maroon).

Please email with any and all questions.

The link for the uniform store is:

Rian Branch

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